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Antique Firearms & Swords

Since 1964 we have been performing Restorative TIG Welding on antique guns and swords.

Among our many clients, we are proud to have welded pieces in the Harding Museum collection of Chicago's Art Institute, and to have performed welding for the traditional gunsmiths of Colonial Williamsburg.

We have developed special techniques, and color matching welding rods compatible with numerous ancient metals, including forged wrought iron, malleable cast iron, and early carbon spring steels.
Our finished welds are invisible, and respond perfectly to traditional methods of colora-tion and heat treatment.

We specialize strictly in antique weapons dating from the European Renaissance through the American Civil War, and Westward Expansion.

Restorative Welding uniquely maintains a guns complete historical authenticity and val-ue, while offering a less expensive alternative to the costly hand fabrication of an inau-thentic modern replacement part.

Antique Firearms & Swords
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