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Assorted Antiques

Over the years, I have encountered and repaired a wide variety of antique parts completely unrelated to antique firearms, and musical instruments. Among them are cast iron and steel hand tools, wrought iron Highland brooches, cast iron weathervanes, Art Deco cast iron lamps, steel sewing machine parts, door locks of all kinds, cast iron music box parts, cast iron stove burners, etc..

Although wrought iron, and steel parts can be TIG welded, many of the above parts were of cast iron requiring oxy-acetylene fusion welding or brass brazing. This work is done at red heat, out of doors, in bright sunlight, and is therefore seasonal. I can only repair small parts, ie something that can be comfortably held in one hand.

If you need to repair a part in this category, please e-mail me photos, which we can later discuss on the telephone.

Assorted Antiques
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