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Antique Firearms & Swoards

Many people think that springs are unweldable, but some are, and we have welded many of them.

The weldable springs can be found in almost any type of mechanism, but share certain common characteristics; they are generally under five inches long, and are of the flat or "V" spring type; some coil spring extensions are also weldable. Many of these springs are found in antique wheel-lock, flint-lock, and percussion-lock black powder rifles.
We have also successfully welded many flat mainsprings from Civil war era percussion revolvers.

Springs are repaired using TIG welding, followed by a proprietary tempering process, resulting in the retention of about 80% to 90% of the original flexibility and tension.
This is more than enough to demonstrate the functionality of an antique collectors firearm, and many have used these springs in black powder matches, but bring an extra rifle with you; original reliability cannot be guaranteed.

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